LOVE Community

Children’s and Youth Camps

We host Music & Arts Camps in the community where children come together to explore their God-given creativity and make joyful noise!

In the summer we also take groups of children, youth, and adults to the Texas Annual Conference Choir Clinic, UM Army, and Big House.

Food and Shelter

We assemble Mercy Bags with snacks, soap, and socks to support our low-income brothers and sisters and we are honored to volunteer with Hearts and Hands Food Pantry and Bay Area Homeless Services.

Several times a year we host Serve Saturdays to build wheelchair ramps and help with clean up and repair projects around the Baytown, Highlands, and Mont Belvieu area!

Community Events

Our community events are as diverse as our members. Whether you’re into sports, arts, or human rights, there’s an event where you belong. We believe that diversity isn’t just about our backgrounds; it’s about the unique gifts each of us brings to the table.

You can find us handing out free water at Town Square Markets, blessing animals at Baytown Parks and Recreation Events, and cheering for our youth at their games, plays, and concerts.

Senior Living Communities

Step into the warm embrace of the Senior Citizen’s Ministry of Love United Methodist Church – a haven where hope and genuine connections flourish.

We regularly spend time at the Lodge at Pine Creek, St. James House, Swan Manor, and Houston Methodist Hospital to host worship, lead music, or simply have the privilege of visiting with Baytown’s older citizens. We also have a Sunday School class each Sunday at 9:30 at the Lodge. 

We would be honored for you to join us in this journey of resilience,  joy, and wisdom!