LOVE Music

We infuse our worship services with a vibrant mix of traditional hymns, contemporary Christian tunes, and culturally resonant music. Instrumentalists, percussionists, and vocalists come together each week to create an symphony of praise. Worship is a musical haven where the Holy Spirit moves through chords and harmonies to bring unity.

Join Our Weekly Music Groups!

Choir Rehearsal

Wednesdays at 7:00 PM

@ The Burnside Barn


Handbell Ensemble

Sundays at Noon

@ The Burnside Barn

Beyond worship, our music ministry extends into the community. We collaborate with local artists, perform at non-profit events, and host outreach programs that use the universal language of music.

Our music ministry is a testament to the belief that diversity is a strength and harmony arises when different voices blend together, embracing the richness of God’s diverse creation.